Co-Found/CTO NuPitch Software

Nasser Barghouti, PhD, has been building enterprise software systems for over 27 years. He is co-founder and CTO of NuPitch Software, which provides businesses and sales professionals with the most relevant business information, anytime, anywhere in the format they need.

He also co-founded and is CTO of Objectiva Software Solutions, a global software development services provider with centers in the US and China. Previously, Nasser was vice president and CTO of EMC Document Sciences, a business unit within EMC Corporation. Prior to that, Nasser was Associate Director at Bear Stearns & Co, where he was instrumental in implementing one of the earliest and most extensive Internet-based architectures for trading, order entry and management, and financial clearing. Prior to that, Nasser conducted research on software engineering and database technology at AT&T Research Labs and Bell Labs.

Nasser holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Computer Science from Columbia University. He has published dozens of papers in journals and for international conferences, and has given numerous presentations at trade shows, leading research labs, and scientific forums.

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